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Glacier Lake Surrounded by Mountains

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Fast, reliable, and secure connectivity 

What We Offer

Hook’d Broadband Canada is a broadband solutions provider, with a focus on delivering fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to the end user in rural and remote locations.

Utilizing patented, proprietary technology, Hook’d delivers cutting edge “last mile” broadband connectivity solutions. Our “Last Mile” solutions are frequency, Spectrum and backhaul agnostic, scalable, cost-effective, future-proof while focusing on optimizing the end-user’s experience.

Why Choose hook'd

Why Choose Hook'd

Superior connectivity 
and speed

Hook’d’s patented, proprietary, spectrum, frequency and backhaul agnostic broadband technology can combine multiple signal sources to bring superior connectivity and speed, that is reliable and cost conscious to the residents and businesses within the community.

Cost conscious with a small carbon footprint

Utilizing one source connection allows multiple Cumulo A5’s to be integrated into a community network. A single Cumulo A5 is designed to broadcast a broadband signal up to 1.6 km (1-mile diameter) to multiple end-users. Hook’d can provide a community with a complete network with an incredibly small carbon footprint, saving millions of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Mobile connectivity at the push of a button

In remote work locations, where coverage is limited, or in the event of an emergency, the Cirro X7 communications trailer can be deployed at the push of a button to provide a powerful communications command centre that delivers dependable, high-performance telecommunication that can save lives.

Powerful Equipment.
Powerful Results.

Utilizing patented, proprietary technology, Hook’d has developed the Cumulo A5. The Cumulo A5 is frequency, spectrum and backhaul agnostic. The Cumulo A5 can use the following source signals in combination or stand alone, they include Cellular, Satellite, Ethernet, and Fiber. From 5G and WiFi6 to LoRa and BLE, our patented telecommunications hardware powers internet connectivity, family video chats, streaming video, online classes, telemedicine and the world of IoT.

Our Technology

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