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Our Technology

Powerful Equipment. Powerful Results.

Utilizing patented, proprietary technology, Hook’d has developed the Cumulo A5. The Cumulo A5 is frequency, spectrum and backhaul agnostic. The Cumulo A5 has 12 slots to customize the configuration that are fully backhaul agnostic. The Cumulo A5 can use the following source signals in combination or stand alone, they include Microwave, LTE+, Satellite, Ethernet, and Fiber. This enables us to aggregate multiple backhauls for larger uploads and download streams.

From 5G and WiFi6 to LoRa and BLE, our patented telecommunications hardware powers internet connectivity, family video chats, streaming video, online classes, telemedicine and the world of IoT.

Cumulo A5

The Last Mile

The Cumulo A5 uses the X, Y and Z plane, which improves signal penetration and reduces interference. This allows for near-line of-site signals. The Cumulo A5 can broadcast a wireless signal up to a one (1) mile diameter to multiple end users. With 10Gbps throughput, each Cumulo A5 can support thousands of devices, propagate a better signal further and can effortlessly adapt to rapid changes in bandwidth to better ensure a secure and stable performance.

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Speed of Fiber at a Fraction of the Cost

Hook’d can utilize a single fiber connection to supply multiple Cumulo’s creating a network that supports multiple
end-users up to 50 kilometers.

Network Fibre Travelling At the Speed of Light
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2 Mbps

Social Media​ & Email
Audio & SD Video Streaming

10 Mbps

Uploading Photos & Videos
HD Streaming

25 Mbps

4K & Beyond Streaming

The Future
Is Now

We’ve engineered our Cumulo A5 hardware to support the most powerful industrial applications on Earth.

Fully customizable and easily upgradeable, the Cumulo A5 is one of the only futureproof pieces of connectivity equipment on the market today.

Our history of technical innovation and decades of telecommunications expertise has enabled us to create a stable, reliable last-mile solution for complex environments that is:

  • Scalable, secure, multi-layered

  • Adaptable and fast

  • Utilizes multiple frequencies,

  • Excellent at penetrating objects

  • Dense, high-capacity and is future proof technology


Cirro X7

Mobile Connectivity at the push of a button

In remote work locations, or in the event of an emergency, the Cirro X7 is a self-contained, multi-purpose communications trailer that packages Hook’d’s patented technology into a powerful mobile command center.

The Cirro X7 can be quickly deployed at any location in any type of environment. At the push of a button the Cirro X7 deploys a high-density, high-capacity, low latency mesh network that can reach up to 1.6 km (1 mile) in geographically complex areas with little to no infrastructure.

The Cirro X7 utilizes both cellular, VSAT and Hook’d technology to deliver dependable, high-performance telecommunication.

Cirro X7 Field Applications

  • Remote construction sites

  • Remote work camps

  • Oilfield service and production

  • Emergency response

  • Concerts & outdoor performances

  • Onsite comms, safety & security

  • Any location with poor coverage

IOT Network

Hook’d Stratosphere Software Platform

From the simplest soil sensor to the most complex satellite, our proprietary command-and-control platform, Stratosphere, provides full visibility across your entire Hook’d network. So you can monitor and control every device in the ecosystem – no matter how big or small.

Whether your Hook’d network has ten devices or ten thousand, we have you all hooked up with flexible deployment options, centralized device configuration, and zero touch provisioning.

With Stratosphere’s intuitive onboarding tool, you can implement your state-of-the-art network and IoT systems with just a few clicks.

Revolutionary IoT Marketplace Breeze

Breeze is focused on bringing together the best IoT applications the market has to offer – all in one place, all supported by the Hook’d network.

Thousands Of Apps. One Unique Experience.

A sophisticated IoT marketplace, Breeze is home to some of the industry’s most secure, renowned, and trusted IoT devices and applications.

Collaborate with a shared purpose, solve problems creatively, boost productivity, and reimagine the future. With Breeze, the only limitation is your imagination.

MQTT, AMQP, LwM2M, or CoAP? Doesn’t matter – we play well with others and proudly support every certified IoT protocol.


We’ve engineered our Cumulo A5 hardware to support the most powerful industrial applications on Earth.
Hook’d’s patented, proprietary, spectrum, frequency and backhaul agnostic broadband technology can combine multiple signal sources or a single fiber connection to bring superior connectivity and speed, that is reliable and cost-conscious to the residents and businesses within the community.

Utilizing one source connection allows multiple Cumulo A5’s to be integrated into a community network. A single Cumulo A5 is designed to broadcast a broadband signal up to 1.6 km (1-mile diameter) to multiple end-users. Hook’d can provide a community with a complete network with an incredibly small carbon footprint, saving millions of dollars in infrastructure costs.

Each Cumulo A5 can be individually configured to support multiple applications such as internet browsing, video streaming and data downloading/uploading as well as video conferencing for businesses and online education. Each Cumulo A5 can support thousands of devices, propagate a better signal farther and can effortlessly adapt to rapid changes in bandwidth to better ensure and secure a stable performance.
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